It’s looking like working from home will be the new normal for the rest of 2020.

Since March, we’ve been hearing the same things from folks: exhausted with constantly pivoting to different priorities with no headspace to actually solve problems; missing the magic of being able work together; and managers wanting to get the best out of their team, even though they can’t collaborate effectively.

Companies are experimenting with new ways of working — with varying degrees of success.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve been running workshops to help teams work together and build better things faster.

But our previous model of “get a big cross functional team into a room together for a few days” obviously has its limitations right now!

So we’ve worked on something to fix this, and we’re calling it “Hatch from Home”. This takes our tried-and-tested approach to helping crack big ideas collaboratively, and adapts it to remote working. It’s a set of virtual workshops, delivered through video calls, interactive whiteboard tools, and other remote-friendly software, that enables teams to come together to solve complex problems in an engaging, fun and collaborative way.

There’s two different ways we can do this:

Hatch from Home (1 day): for early stage projects or strategic / business problems. Define the opportunity, get your best people working together on the solution, develop various ideas to solve the problem, then stress test the best ideas, and figure out what to take forward.

Sprint from Home (4 days): for defined “projects” with an idea of what the output might be. We bring in creative experts, so you can supercharge your team and solve big problems quickly. Requires 2 days working as a full team, and then Quickhatch continues the rest of the week to realise the vision, prototype the solution and test it with users.

We’ve run a few of these over the last few months, and the feedback has been fantastic, with our Nike client telling us:

“The process and facilitation accelerated our work from months to days and the tools we learned are being put in place to how we run meetings. It was truly valuable and has had resoundingly positive feedback from all participants”

We want to help more brands solve their remote working problems, so we’re offering five free “Hatch from Home” mini-workshops — an hour with your team to collaborate more effectively, break down barriers you’re facing and solve a pressing problem.

If you’re interested, schedule some time to chat and let’s talk through your problem!