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A new way to work.

After over 15 years working for agencies and inside Google, we realised that the way we make creative work is broken: things take too long, cost too much, and the final product ends up something everyone feels a bit "meh" about.


Quickhatch was born out of the idea this didn't have to be the case. That we could fix this by approaching marketing problems the same way that companies like Google, Slack, Airbnb and Lyft design their products — turning an 8 week process into a 4 day one.

Our Four Day Process


First, we understand the problem by looking at users, business context, topic experts and the product. Then we tightly define the problem we're looking to solve.


Now come the ideas. Working through proven methods, we generate as broad a range of solutions as possible, before deciding together on the route forward.


Make it real, and make it fast. Avoid debating hypotheticals ("it could look like this") and turn the idea into a Minimum Viable Object as quickly as possible.


Take the prototype, and show it to real users. Let them play with it, and get real feedback on whether your solution works or not, and what needs to be done to improve it.

Who we're not

We are not an ad agency.

Sure, this website looks fancy, but it's just a $60 Wordpress theme and a few days' work. We practice what we preach.


We're not an agency and don't want to be one — we're a loosely knit collective of designers, creatives, developers and strategists, based in every corner of the world. We tap into this network to create purpose-built teams, perfectly suited to your business problem.


We've seen a great migration of the best talent leaving the agency rat-race, and working on their own terms. So we live where we want to be, and come together for fast-paced, high intensity projects with focused outputs.

“Quickhatch's process and facilitation accelerated our work from months to days, enabling us to condense a process of alignment & action, and without their work, it would not have been possible. It was truly valuable and has had resoundingly positive feedback from all participants”

— Arielle Ruys Strem, Senior Marketing Director, Nike

stop. listen. collaborate.

Introducing "Hatch from Home" — a new approach to enable teams to collaborate effectively, even when they can't be in the same place.

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